4 Waders - Interesting Wader

Interesting Wader  On the 21st February 2008 this wader (1, 2, 3) was briefly
seen at a high tide roost on the beach of Oostvoorne, The Netherlands. It's jizz suggests
White-Rumped Sandpiper Calidris fuscicollis. The bird seems in active wing-moult which
would fit White-rumped Sandpiper well as it moults during November-March.
All descriptions known to us however mention grey-brown or pale brownish streaks
on breast and/or flanks in both adult winter and 1st winter plumage which this birds
clearly does not show. We would like to know if anyone is familiar with this plumage.

wader spec.21022008 3 Oostvoorne,The Netherlands.jpg
wader spec.21022008 3 Oostvoorne, The Netherlands
wader spec.21022008 Oostvoorne,The Netherlands.jpg
wader spec.21022008 1 Oostvoorne, The Netherlands
wader spec.21022008 2 Oostvoorne,The Netherlands.jpg
wader spec.21022008 2 Oostvoorne, The Netherlands


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